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LE CHERCHE MIDI: Fragrance without compromise #Kickstarter

June 20, 2013

LE CHERCHE MIDI: Fragrance without compromise

by Nathan Motylinski

Fashions change. So should your fragrance. Introducing the Autumn/Winter 2013 luxury fragrance collection by Le Cherche Midi.

Not all fragrances are created equal.


1 – Artistic expression without any filters. Our fragrances are inspired solely by the creative vision of our perfumer rather than marketing reports, trend forecasts or other data-driven approaches. Most companies follow trends – we lead them.

2 – Perfumery built on heritage. What good is a great idea if you can’t make it work? Our perfumer, Cecile Hua, was classically trained in the birthplace of perfume – Grasse, France – at the best perfumery school in the world. With her in-depth understanding of chemistry, artistry, and perfumery, we are able to bring new fragrances to life with a sophistication and finesse that will ensure our fragrances never go out of style.

3 – The world is constantly changing and so are we. Drawing on our knowledge and expertise of over 2,000 raw materials, we are constantly updating our line with innovative luxury fragrances built around new ingredients and combinations. We launch an entirely new collection twice each year – Spring/Summer, Autumn/Winter – allowing you stand out in a sea of ‘me-too’ fragrances.

4 – Sold direct. Luxury fragrances sold through retailers often come with a hefty price tag to pay for expensive endorsements, licensing agreements or overdone (and often useless) packaging that ends up in a landfill. By selling directly through our website, we are able to offer a higher quality product at a better price.

5 – We know our limits. Literally. Everything we make is assembled by hand, so in order to ensure the highest possible standards, we limit production of all our fragrances and products. Each bottle is numbered and supplies are only available while they last.

Are our fragrances for men or women?

Both! In fact, fragrance has never been gender specific – just like art, music, or wine. Unfortunately, the idea of gender-specific fragrance was created as a marketing tactic to increase sales. Our rule of thumb – wear what you like!

Why don’t our fragrances have names?

We’re often told what to see, hear, taste and even smell by clever marketing campaigns that can disguise and obscure unoriginal ideas. Our fragrances are not about endorsements, catchy names, or flashy images, so we decided the best way to present them was with a number and a color inspired by the fragrance.


Travel Spray (yours for $10+ pledge)Travel Spray (yours for $10+ pledge)
Travel Spray Trio (yours for $25+ pledge)Travel Spray Trio (yours for $25+ pledge)
100 ml eau de toilette (yours for $79+ pledge)100 ml eau de toilette (yours for $79+ pledge)
Eaux de Toilette Collection (yours for $169+ pledge)Eaux de Toilette Collection (yours for $169+ pledge)
Bespoke Fragrance (yours for $999+ pledge)Bespoke Fragrance (yours for $999+ pledge)


As fragrance industry professionals, we (Nathan and Cecile) have seen far too many great fragrances and concepts get sacrificed for corporate constraints that focus more on what’s ON the bottle than what’s IN the bottle. With our combined experience and passion for fragrance, we decided to BE the change we wanted to see and now showcase our own original concepts with two luxury fragrance collections – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter – each year. So join us in exploring the infinite world of luxury fragrance – without compromise.


Nathan Motylinski, entrepreneur and owner of Le Cherche Midi, knows how to transform concepts and ideas into reality. Nathan holds several fragrance-related design and utility patents. In addition to running Le Cherche Midi, he assists companies of all sizes with fragrance and product development.

Cécile Hua, perfumer was born in Marseille, France and knew by the age of 7 that she was destined to become a perfumer. After earning a Master’s Degree in Chemistry to lay the foundation of her technical knowledge for perfume creation, Cécile was chosen to attend the invitation-only Givaudan Perfumery School in Grasse, where she furthered her understanding of creative fragrance development.

Graduating first in her class from the world’s most prestigious perfumery school, Cécile decided to take her talent and ideas to New York, where she was the first recipient of the Fashion Group International ‘Rising Star Award’ for Fragrance Design in 2003. Since then, Cécile has been the creative drive behind many fine fragrances and continues to develop perfumes with some of the most famous celebrities and brands in the world, including Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder, L’Oreal, Abercrombie & Fitch, Brooks Brothers, David Yurman, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Alfred Dunhill, FCUK, Gendarme, Henri Bendel, MAC Cosmetics, Fresh, Park Hyatt, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.


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