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Losing Altitude- A collaborative art book #birds #kickstarter

June 19, 2013

Losing Altitude- A collaborative art book

by Arras Wiedorn

This collaborative art book will feature over 50 artists and over 100 pages of full-color art of endangered birds from the world over.

Tiny little dinosaurs

Birds are some of the most beautiful and interesting animals in the world. They live on every continent, and over the ages they have developed all kinds of interesting adaptations to life in all those different places. With such a huge variety of species, shapes, plumages and colors, birds have inspired artists from the world over. This art book will bring together more than 50 artists from around the globe to illustrate threatened and endangered birds ranging from the little Fairy Pitta and tiny Dusky Starfrontlet to the magnificent Great Green Macaw and the mighty Javan Hawk Eagle.

The details

The finished art book will be 8.5 x 11 inches and will come with your choice of a hard or soft cover. It will include well over 100 pages of full-color illustrations, photographs, and artisan crafts ranging from sculpture to culinary arts featuring endangered and threatened birds from around the world, created by over 50 different artists. The book will be printed through The Art Bookbindery.

Each illustration will include an infographic with information on the species pictured. Also included will be a section on conservation and what you can do in order to help protect these birds in your own area and a list of resources and relevant websites. All information will be drawn from reliable sources and fully cited.

Feeding those starving artists

Since artists cannot create their art without the necessary funds, the profits of this book will be divided up among contributing artists. Artists will receive a portion of the profits based on their contributions. Furthermore, since part of the point of this project is to help support deserving artists, all participating artists reserve the rights to sell originals, prints, and merchandise (etc.) of their art.

Stretch Goals:

For every extra $500 we raise over the goal we will release one more acrylic charm design! Up to 5 total designs- if we raise $7,000, then all five designs will be available.

A little sneak peak

Here’s a few finished pieces and works-in-progress, to give you an idea of the beautiful work you’ll be getting.

In-progress cover by Namu-The-OrcaIn-progress cover by Namu-The-Orca

Lesser Florican by Josefine SpenkeLesser Florican by Josefine Spenke

Blue Bird of Paradise by Andrada BerbecaruBlue Bird of Paradise by Andrada Berbecaru

Javan Hawk Eagle by Tania Ávila VillalbaJavan Hawk Eagle by Tania Ávila Villalba

Work in progress- New Zealand Kaka by Pia RavenariWork in progress- New Zealand Kaka by Pia Ravenari

Puerto Rican Amazon by Pia RavenariPuerto Rican Amazon by Pia Ravenari

Swift Parrot by Pia RavenariSwift Parrot by Pia Ravenari

Nene by KayVeeDeeNene by KayVeeDee

Work in progress- Resplendant Quetzal by Maricela UgarteWork in progress- Resplendant Quetzal by Maricela Ugarte


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