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Sunsara: Book One – A comicbook Kickstarter

April 2, 2013

Help make Sunsara a reality!

This is my second attempt at fundraising for Sunsara. The first try was to print issue #1 and did not meet its goal. This time around I’ve made issue #1 available for free online, so you can know what to expect from this series. I am asking foryour help to make the rest of the series possible. The funding received through this Kickstarter will fund the completion of the first half of Sunsara and the printing of the graphic novel.

This is your call to duty. A plea from me to you to help make Sunsara a reality. I’m hard at work continuing the creation of this series, but without money to cover my time on this and to fund the printing, marketing, and distribution of the book, Sunsara will not be completed.

The time and effort that it takes to create a comic book is enormous, especially if you’re a one-person team. Plus there’s the work involved in running a fundraising campaign and reaching out to various websites in the hopes they might help spread the word.

I love to tell stories. I’ve made comic books since I was young, and drawing has been a release for me, a way to express myself. I need your help to continue Sunsara.

The Story

Sunsara is the story of a cybernetically enhanced assassin who is seeking revenge against a powerful corporate master for the murder of her father ,whose persona lives on in Sunsara’s robot assistant. Through the series we will find how she became who she is and follow her struggles, as she pursues her all consuming desire for revenge.

Read the first issue here for free

What the Goal Covers

The goal covers the cost to print 500 copies of the book. Printing a color book is costly, and short-run printing is not an option. I would lose money if I tried to print on demand. So I have to go with offset printing. Five-hundred books will allow me to sell copies and at various comic book and gaming conventions I attend.

The main goal allows for printing and creation of the first half of Sunsara. I have stretch goals that mark what I need to print enough copies to make the cost per book low enough to distribute to comic book shops through Diamond Comic Distributors, as well as the possibility of an exclusive cover for Kickstarter backers!

As a backer you will receive Sunsara Book 1 at a lower than cover price amount. This is possible because there’s no middle man involved, but also because I want to reward you for making Sunsara happen. And if you go for just the PDF you’re getting a HUGE deal. The cover price for the printed book will be $14.99, and any digital edition outside of this Kickstarter will be priced at at least $10.

The goal also includes an estimation of what shipping and packaging will cost. And most importantly just enough money for me to eat as I finish the book.


I’ve put together rewards that I think are fun and are things I would like. We have a good mix of items that I think everyone can enjoy.

Cool Things You Can Make Happen

Here are some “stretch goals”, or as I like to call them “cool things you can make happen”.

After the Campaign

If it’s funded
If we reach our goal I will be hard at work finishing the book, as well as organizing the rewards. My goal is to get the book done and printed by September, but to be safe the official fulfillment date is October 11. If we reach the stretch goal that allows a price per book that’s low enough to go through Diamond, then I’ll also start the process of getting their approval to be included in their catalogue. I’ll also pursue getting the book, and released through other book distributors.

If it’s not funded
If we don’t reach the goal, than quite frankly that’s that. I may spend some time here and there continuing to create Sunsara, but honestly it’s just not realistic . I’ve been searching for a job now for 6 months, sending out resumes each day and spending most of my remaining time on Sunsara. It’s a full time job, not something that can be completed as a hobby. So if I am not successful this time around, I have to shift gears and move on.

I hope you can help to make Sunsara a reality, and help me realize my dream of being a visual storyteller. Without your help this will not be possible.

Here’s what you can do to help:
•Pledge your support and help finance Sunsara!
•Spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, message boards, tell your friends, wherever you can mention Sunsara in any way.

With your generous direct support and sharing in whatever way you can, and as often as you can, you can make this happen.

The future of Sunsara rests in your hands.

“The Calculated Thoughts of an Imaginary Carbon Based Life Form” by Indigolab was used with permission. Check out more of Indigolab’s work at


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