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The TYZU Wonder Jungle #Indiegogo Press Release- #animation #cartoons

February 14, 2013

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2

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Producers seeking to raise $30,000 to fund production of the independent animation

VANCOUVER, BC – An IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign is now underway to raise $30,000 that will be used to fund the production of a cartoon short called TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2.

“TYZU Wonder Jungle has achieved tremendous popularity and it’s brought delight to millions of viewers. We look forward to bringing you the next installment, so that’s why we’ve launched phase one of our crowdfunding campaign to raise $30,000 by March 20, 2013,” explained Producer Victor J. Ma.

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Ma continued, adding, “Many frames are hand-drawn, and with 12 to 30 drawings displayed per second, so as you can imagine, it’s an extremely time- and labor-intensive process. And that’s just one aspect of production.. Your contributions will also fund special effects, storyboarding, editing, music and many other elements of the production of this independent animation.”

Notably, animated film production costs range from $80,000 to $800,000 per minute.

Once this first goal is achieved, it will fund the creation of a “lite” five-minute animated short. The second fundraising goal of $45,000 will fund the production of a seven-minute enhanced edition of TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2. The third fundraising goal of $60,000 will fund the creation of a 10-minute extended version. And finally, the fourth and largest crowdfunding goal of $100,000 will fund the production of an extended 20-minute version of Episode 2. According to producers, the 20-minute independent animated film will be created with the Oscars in mind; they will be vying for a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film of 2013.

While TYZU Wonder Jungle was initially developed as a children’s cartoon that would provide children with real-world lessons in a fun and engaging way, the film has garnered tremendous popularity among adults.

TYZU rewardsAs a crowdfunding campaign, contributors will receive a thank you gift which varies according to the amount of the donation. Several contribution levels have been established; they are: $10, $20, $25, $30, $50, $100, $300, $500, $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 and $10,000.

The $10,000 contributors will get a custom cartoon character created in their likeness (or even a pet’s likeness); a character that will play a supporting role in the film. Alternatively, donors can get their product included in the cartoon. Other thank you gifts in the package include an executive producer credit, an 8-by-10 signed glossy of their character, in addition to a digital download package for the independent animation film.

TYZU Wonder JungleOther thank you gifts include TYZU Wonder Jungle swag like T-shirts, a digital download package featuring wallpapers, music and posters, a signed glossy, along with an animated avatar and credits listing in the popular children’s cartoon.

Learn more about TYZU Wonder Jungle children’s cartoons by visiting

To contribute to the TYZU Wonder Jungle Episode 2 crowdfunding campaign page, visit


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